Mismatch between Evnex kWh and EV kWh consumption


We have a single phase 32A charger set up to minimize PV export power and notice a very significant difference between the EV reported kWh and the Evnex which cannot be explained by the car’s charger AC/DC loss. One possibility is the Evnex reports reactive power and it is my understanding is that domestic meters measure kVA rather than kWh. Can you please confirm?

Hi Allan,

If possible could you please let me know a time stamp of a charging session where you noticed the difference and roughly by how much?

According to our hardware engineer the charger measures Active Power (kW) and Active Energy (kWh) instead of reactive, I would say the energy meter inside the charger would be fairly accurate in displaying those numbers.

If you prefer we can talk over the phone or email and I can help look into the charging sessions with you and see if we can find some info to explain the difference. I’m available on our support line number 0800 395 007 (option 2 for support) or via email support@evnex.com.

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