Bi-directional EV charger (Vehicle to Home)

I am producing way too much power from my solar panels. A 15 kWh battery is an $18,000 investment. I worked out that at the 12 cents differential between what I get paid for export and what I pay for import it would take 41 years to pay off the battery if I used all of its capacity every day. No payback and the battery won’t last that long.

Then looked at used Leaf batteries and some of the BSMs created to manage them as a poor man’s Tesla Powerwall 2. Too risky. But then I thought, my EV has 54 kWh. Why can’t I just use its battery?

Wallbox Quasar | The first bidirectional charger for your home has a bi-directional charger that can use the EV to pull power out of in the evenings. Is this on the roadmap for EVNEX?

A 7.2 kW T2 connector would permit 7.2 kW back to the house. Even provide backup in the case of grid failure.

Hi @smbunn

Thanks for getting in touch. While we haven’t ruled out the development of a bi-directional charger, we do not have any current plans to release one.

Almost all bi-directional chargers are DC, with the exception of some bi-directional AC charging trials being done by Renault. One of the issues with DC is that it is typically much more expensive, which is a key consideration especially in your case when you are considering payback time. My understanding is that the Wallbox Quasar will be retailing for somewhere in the range of $7,000 - $10,000 NZD, once it is availalble here, though you would have to check with the local distributor.

To optimise self-consumption, the low hanging fruit is to ensure that you’re charging your car when your solar is generating, instead of the evening. In early September we will have our Gecko Power Sensor available (compatible with Evnex E&X Series) which can automatically divert excess solar into your car. If you’d like to know more about it, please get in touch at