CT Clamp calibration ideas

Hi team,
I’m currently using the Evnex charger to send excess solar power to the car during the day, but I’ve found that the CT clamp that it uses doesn’t seem to be calibrated quite right, as it seems to always use approx 200-300 watts more power than is being generated, so resulting in a net import from the grid.

While this doesn’t seem like a big deal - my daytime grid power price is triple the price I get for export to the grid, and also the grid power during the day is quite ‘dirty’ power which I would prefer not to be using.

Perhaps two options would be:

  • Add a user level setting to the Evnex system to allow a calibration value to be added / subtracted to the CT clamp values, so I could then compare the CT clamp data to my actual smart meter, and tell it to subtract 0.3kw from the measured value


  • Add a setting to the solar diversion area in the app, telling the system to use percentage of the excess power (at the moment it tries to use all 100% of it) so perhaps I could set it to use only 90% of the excess.
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