API access to power sensor data

Hello, is the power sensor info available in the api? I’d love to be able to see how much energy the house is either drawing from or sending to the grid at any time. I know I can add an alternative power meter but would prefer to make use of what’s already available if possible.

Similarly, is there a way to write to the power sensor information via the API?

I won’t be able to use the CT clamps (I don’t think), because the charger will be located 40m away from the main switchboard, off a sub-switchboard in the garage. I can use the Enphase local API to get the current solar generation and consumption data. I was initially thinking of doing this with ChargeHQ, but it looks like the Evnex product doesn’t support changing the OCPP server to the Charge HQ servers. But it looks like your software can replace ChargeHQ, but not if it can’t get power data from my house.

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Thanks for your patience waiting for an answer here!

Right now there is no way to access this information, though we have it on our medium term roadmap to add that capability (by which I mean not in 2023, but hopefully in the next year).

I hadn’t considered the use case of writing power sensor information to enable solar diversion, but it’s an interesting one! In your scenario I would guess we’d be more likely to go down the path of writing an integration direct to the Enphase API (rather than have you do it and pass it on) since that would be much simpler for other non-technical users to set up. We will have a think about how that might be done. Incidentally I think a CT clamp could work at that distance, but it may be impractical / expensive to actually run a cable that far.



I had the same issue - sub-board a long way from the main fuse panel where the 3 phase and PV inputs are located. I had to run a seperate cable for the CT clamp

Hey hey, it’s 2024 and I’m wondering if @TomRose has an indication of when this information might be available via API?

I use @hardbyte’s Home Assistant integration to pull data from my Evnex charger.
I’d love to also see how much power my whole house is using and the current grid state.

Now I could get the electrician back to install another CT clamp on the mains and I can pull grid emission data from another API.
BUT I have an Evnex already and I know that data is all there so I think it would be super awesome to be able to access it :slight_smile:

Hi Olly.

There’s nothing in the immediate pipeline that would make this information available, though there are still some future capabilities we are looking at which would likely enable it at some stage (still aspirationally this year in my mind).

Do you have a particular use case in mind for this? We’re always interested to understand what people are trying to do with their charging!

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Oh that’d be handy, I’d be glad to add the extra sensors to the homeassistant plugin.

My use case was nothing specific to the car chargers, it was more about getting a picture of how the house was using power over a typical day. I was exploring whether the data power sensor installed with my charger could be used for this purpose.

In the end, I installed an additional power sensor with a couple of clamps. We had to replace our hot water cylinder so was easy to get this completed at the same time.

I have discovered that the evnex power sensor isn’t measuring the power used by the HWC due to where the clamp was placed, so I do run the risk of tripping the fuse.

@TomRose is it possible to adjust the max household load for our charger to compensate for excluding the HWC?

@hardbyte I really appreciate your home assistant plugin

Hi Tom,

My use case is visibility of our power usage, so we can have a little more awareness of how much power we’re using when. We recently had a heat pump fitted and I’d like to see how that contributes to our overall usage. Our hot water system reports it’s power usage already.

We used to be with PowerShop who gave us access to smart meter data in half hour increments, which was really useful for breaking down power usage at different times of day. The new power company doesn’t give access to this information so I was looking for alternative ways to get that information.

Of course the “correct” answer is to have an electrician fit another CT clamp on the mains coming in and maybe add some more on critical loads but I already have a device collecting this data (i.e. Evnex).

I guess something that Evnex could add to the app (granted it’s not necessarily related to the core product) would be something like PowerShop’s Usage Patterns report.