Python library and Home Assistant integration

A couple of months ago I wrote a Python library and custom home assistant integration for Evnex chargers.

The evnex Python library can be used to communicate with the evnex api from a Python program or script. It can be installed using: pip install evnex

The Home Assistant integration can be installed from the Home Assistant Community Store, or manually using the source code from

Once authenticated, the integration creates a device in Home Assistant for any chargers you have access to. Each charger exposes a bunch of sensor data, and a switch to control starting and pausing of charging.

Some of the data exposed to Home Assistant can be seen in the screenshot:


Thats awesome. Having this integration will be the reason I buy an evnex charger. Being able to start and stop the charger based on the charge percentage of my Sonnen battery and solar charging rate will be a game changer. Thanks!

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Hey, Interested in obtaining some of the data from the EVNEX Charger. Where did you manage to get the Client ID and Secret from on CP-Link? I can’t seem to find it:

Hi Bruce.

These are part of the Enterprise subscription to CP-Link. The python library described in this thread uses the driver app endpoints which have different access controls.



Talking to Mitchell @ Evnex you don’t support controlling the charger with an external OCPP server. He pointed to this as a way to control it from Home Assistant.
I realise it isn’t officially supported but does Evnex plan to allow the way this integration works in the longer term? I don’t want to go to the expense of buying/installing the charger and setting up Home Assistant integration only to find that Evnex change their mind and block access.

Hi Peter.

There are no plans to block access, but we don’t test against this library when making changes so may unintentionally break things. The endpoints tend to be pretty stable in this part of the code so haven’t changed much in recent years.

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