Python library and Home Assistant integration

A couple of months ago I wrote a Python library and custom home assistant integration for Evnex chargers.

The evnex Python library can be used to communicate with the evnex api from a Python program or script. It can be installed using: pip install evnex

The Home Assistant integration can be installed from the Home Assistant Community Store, or manually using the source code from

Once authenticated, the integration creates a device in Home Assistant for any chargers you have access to. Each charger exposes a bunch of sensor data, and a switch to control starting and pausing of charging.

Some of the data exposed to Home Assistant can be seen in the screenshot:

Thats awesome. Having this integration will be the reason I buy an evnex charger. Being able to start and stop the charger based on the charge percentage of my Sonnen battery and solar charging rate will be a game changer. Thanks!

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