Power supply source

Hi, I was about to purchase an E2 charger before coming across this forum post. I have 3 phase power at my home too.
This sounds like a major limitation with the E2. I wonder how many other people have installed the E2 on a 3 phase system, only to discover that the solar diversion feature doesn’t work.
I had two installers quote me on the cost of supply/installation of an E2 and neither of them seemed to be aware of this.
This seems like a real shame, as it looks like an otherwise excellent product. The solar diversion feature was my main reason for selecting the E2 over other chargers. With net metering you should be able to charge using the excess across all 3 phases without having to import power from the grid.
Is there a workaround for this? It sounds like similar products can receive information from all three phases through additional CT Clamps.
I already have full usage monitoring available through Solar Analytics. Is there some way that the E2 could receive solar/usage data from the Solar Analytics API?
I guess this relates to another forum post : API access to power sensor data
If I could somehow get the E2 to work in my scenario, I would be very keen to get one installed.