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Hi there,

Is there tgere a reason why everytime you open the app that yhe charger, charging info snd live grid info has to completely load???
I find it quite annoying that when moving around the menus that it has to reload these item constantly and means you may select the wrong menu option due to shifting the menu down as it reloads
Cant these item be cached and reload in the background with fresh data???


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Hi Andrew.

There are a couple of reasons behind the reloading (some, but not all, of which could be negated with some caching), but I agree that it is frustrating while navigating the menus.

We’ll schedule some time over the next couple of weeks to look at improvements that could be made (even just having better placeholder sizes would be enough to prevent tapping the wrong menu option).



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Hi Tom,

That sounds fantastic, thanks for all the hard work!!