Charging information and history enhancements

Currently the charging history is quite basic.

Please would you consider the following limitations and feature requests?

  1. Start and end times show the time the charger is connected to the vehicle. This isn’t useful information, because charging schedules in the evnex, and battery charge limits & schedules in the EV can mean zero power is being delivered for the majority of the time it’s plugged in
    a. Could the data show the time(s) the evnex is delivering power?
  2. Currently the only way to assess how other conditions affect charging speed and cost, is to continually refresh the current charging session:
    a. Could power delivered over recent charging sessions be shown as a graph, and/or downloadable as a table or (say) some json via an API?
    b. Could the current charging session refresh periodically, rather than having to continually exit and re‐enter?

2a would likely solve all of this and provide other useful insights.


I second this one :slight_smile:

Hi @TTP and @Rog,

Thank you for putting forward your feedback on current limitations and also useful feature request! We appreciate this.

I have passed on your comment to the Software team, and I have been told that they are working/focusing on adding these features to the app:

  • On the session list, display time actually spent charging for each session, in addition to “plugged in” time.
  • Detailed breakdown of a session as a graph of charging periods, i.e. exactly what time X amount of power was being provided to the vehicle during the session.

Other features and requests are added to a customer request table so we keep track of what are the most requested features.

I can’t promise or give you an ETA on these, but know that our Software team is working hard on it so watch this space :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks again for engaging in our community forum.

Kind regards,