Charging information and history enhancements

Currently the charging history is quite basic.

Please would you consider the following limitations and feature requests?

  1. Start and end times show the time the charger is connected to the vehicle. This isn’t useful information, because charging schedules in the evnex, and battery charge limits & schedules in the EV can mean zero power is being delivered for the majority of the time it’s plugged in
    a. Could the data show the time(s) the evnex is delivering power?
  2. Currently the only way to assess how other conditions affect charging speed and cost, is to continually refresh the current charging session:
    a. Could power delivered over recent charging sessions be shown as a graph, and/or downloadable as a table or (say) some json via an API?
    b. Could the current charging session refresh periodically, rather than having to continually exit and re‐enter?

2a would likely solve all of this and provide other useful insights.


I second this one :slight_smile:

Hi @TTP and @Rog,

Thank you for putting forward your feedback on current limitations and also useful feature request! We appreciate this.

I have passed on your comment to the Software team, and I have been told that they are working/focusing on adding these features to the app:

  • On the session list, display time actually spent charging for each session, in addition to “plugged in” time.
  • Detailed breakdown of a session as a graph of charging periods, i.e. exactly what time X amount of power was being provided to the vehicle during the session.

Other features and requests are added to a customer request table so we keep track of what are the most requested features.

I can’t promise or give you an ETA on these, but know that our Software team is working hard on it so watch this space :slightly_smiling_face:.

Thanks again for engaging in our community forum.

Kind regards,



I love the little graph, it really helps to manage charging and predict charging costs at home. Well done and 5hank you Evnex team.

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Looks like you were able to quickly implement some of the great feedback here, I wonder if you would consider a few more things?

  • Be able to expand the graph
    Ideally click a little expand button in the top right, then move to landscape mode on the app and be able to slide time across the bottom.
    The ideal would be a user expandable sliding time range, so I can focus on an hour or a day as I want.
    Its very hard to be able to be see charging stats when I put my finger on the graph at the moment as there just isn’t enough space.

  • Better current session Stats
    Not sure if this is just me but although the graph updates, the current session doesn’t seem to get updated until I disconnect the car.

Hi sparky!

I think the current session should now appear properly when you visit the history page.

In terms of the expanding graph, is there a specific thing you’re trying to do when zooming in, or is it just to make it more “explorable”?


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Hey Tom, Yep that looks much better :smile:

With regards to the Graph, I would like to be able to select specific points a little bit easier and I think this would be easier if the map was full screen rather than just at the top. I would like to be able to select a specific point as I see some throttling going on and I would love to try and work out it is.

Also in the last few days I noticed that solar production is showing up in the morning, but I don’t have solar on my house. Not sure if this is the app misreading something or if my power sensor is detecting something weird. See image below. This only seems to happen when the car kicks in to warm up in the morning between 6:30-7:00am.

That’s odd. The readings I can see from our backend look normal so I think it must be a bug in the app drawing the graph wrongly. I’ll check in with the app team next week.

I think there might be the odd little bit of throttling going on to protect your home wiring. The charger has been set to limit to 50A for the whole house, and occasionally the total is getting up there so it will be backing off slightly. I’m guessing Tyler thought 50A was the safe upper limit.

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The record we are using to draw that graph value shows that the charger was supplying more power to the car than was being consumed from the grid by your house. We interpret this as solar generation, since under almost all circumstances that it why this would happen.

In your case we think that what probably happened is that there was a small gap between when the house load sensor was read and when the charging power was read, and during that time the rate of charging was reducing (you can see this in the taper of the overall load). This meant that the app incorrectly assumed that the shortfall came from solar. We think this shouldn’t be too common, but it is possible, and now that it’s been highlighted (thank you!) we’ll look for a way to stop it happening.

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Sorry for the delay reading these and getting back to you Tom!

Yeah my Charger is connected to the garage which has a 50A sub main from the house, so to ensure we didnt trip the sub main Tyler said this would be better and I think it works perfect. The car charges so fast now that I never have to worry about it not being full when I get in to it in the morning. Just curios :slight_smile:

I haven’t noticed any more spurious solar readings for the last couple of weeks so hopefully its resolved now, thank for looking into it :+1: