Incorrect voltage phase reported

On v1.2.11 of the firmware the voltage phase is incorrectly reported, see below:
L1 is only relevant for current, for voltage it should be L1-N

We just use L1 so that we can use the same reading for both single and three phase. In a single phase installation you can interpret L1 as L1-N. From our reading of the standard it isn’t required to use L1-N for single and L1 for three phase, and we’ve found variation amongst manufacturers, so we’ve gone with this one as it’s a bit simpler.

Hi Tom, I agree the standard is not explicit but I’ve not seen another charge manufacturer using L1 for voltage reporting in ocpp (with over 500+ implementations worldwide) and it’s inconsistent with your own rest api?
“meter”: {
“currentL1”: 0.054,
“frequency”: 50,
“power”: 0,
“register”: 1921512,
“updatedDate”: “2022-10-02T07:15:00.000Z”,
“voltageL1N”: 239.12

Note for 3-phase there should be 3 separate messages ie L1-N, L2-N and L3-N

Agreed that it is inconsistent there. Right now it’s not a high priority to address so I can’t promise any near-term solution, but I will add it to our backlog.


Thanks, which firmware version was the change introduced in?

I wasn’t aware that it had been intentionally changed, but from my digging around it looks like for one version (1.0.4) it did report as “L1-N”. I don’t recall a decision to change it but I suspect it was part of a code cleanup that happened prior to releasing 1.1.0.