App keeps crashing on Samsung Galaxy

The app has started crashing on my Samsung Galaxy A52s on the first attempt to start it. Second attempt succeeds. Not a big problem but it’s beginning to get annoying. Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks for alerting us Stephen.

We have seen the odd problem with Samsung Axyz phones so will dig into this a bit more over the coming days (though our metrics at present don’t suggest there’s been any sudden worsening of the situation).



Im the other way, have a S21 Ultra, for the last couple of months it would do this but the last week or so it has stopped

It has been happening on my Samsung S10+, the phone after a while suggests I put the app to a deep sleep because of the constant crashing.

We’ve got some good logging from some crashes now so hopefully will be able to pull together a fix.



Yesterday we pushed an updated app (version 3.10.11) which we believe has resolved the issue.

You can check what version you are currently running at the bottom of the Help menu to see whether it has updated automatically, and if not visit the Play Store to request it manually.

If you are still experiencing problems with 3.10.11 please let us know.


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Thanks Tom. Looks like this has fixed it for me.