Charger connectivity

My charger (through the app) continuously loses its connectivity to my WiFi - there is a good mesh network at the charger with high signal strength. Each time I want to use the charger (through the app) it needs me to re-enter the wifi credentials. No other devices need this and I have lots of bluetooth connected devices that reattach to my wifi when they get back in range. My charge is fixed to the wall so this should stay connected

Hi Jon.

From the logs it looks like your charger has been connected to the cloud backend without interruption for a few days, so I wonder whether the disconnect you are seeing is actually between your phone and our backend? There is a small delay when you open the app while it contacts our server to fetch the current state of the charger.

I think my colleague Pedro has contacted you via our support channel, but to you or anyone else reading this in future, if you need a quick response from us the best way is to call us on 0800 395 007 (NZ) or 1800 959 377 (Aus).