FR - fallback Bluetooth start/stop control

Cloud connectivity is great when it works, but is a pain when it doesn’t, especially for household utilities.

What happens when there’s an outrage? This is important in the case where a charging schedule is set - without manual start/stop capability, you’re forced to wait until the next pre-scheduled period until charging can begin - without cloud connectivity, it is not possible to change the schedule.

Given that the phone app already has local Bluetooth connectivity to the EVSE with the ability to switch to Wi-Fi as a fallback, could this Bluetooth connection also be used to control start/stop? It could be limited to cases where the cloud connectivity is lost if you don’t want it to interfere with the cloud functionality.

The likes of Wallbox already do this: Connecting to your charger via Bluetooth - Wallbox Academy

In the case of a power outage, when the charger comes back on it will allow charging at full speed at any time until it has been able to reach our server to find out what schedule it is supposed to follow. Our approach is to “fail in favour of charging”, such that a driver can then manually manage it by choosing when to plug in their car.

Since Bluetooth connectivity requires a driver to be present at the charger, this probably doesn’t add a great deal of flexibility beyond the manual control, but at some stage we revisit the Bluetooth capabilities to see if there are useful capabilities to add in this area.


Thanks Tom. In light of that information, I agree, local Bluetooth control is not that useful. It’s great to know that you’ve thought it through!