E2 - is a socketed version likely?

Well done with launching E2. I dont have a current need, so just for future awareness rather than a request: what are the chances of adding a socketed E2 model to complement the new tethered E2 model?

Posting here so if there are others with a desire they can set expectations here.

Hi Richard.

We’re not looking at making a socketed version of the E2, in large part because it’s so thin it can’t contain one. We wanted a slim and refined form factor, which is simpler to achieve when tethered only.

The E2 is designed first and foremost for residential use, where the vast majority of drivers need just a single plug type. We’ve also intentionally made it quite simple to swap out the tether in case someone starts with a Type 1 and then later buys a car with a Type 2 connector. It does require the case to be opened and is therefore a job for a sparky, but it takes just a couple of minutes.

Socketed chargers are still available within our existing X-series (either the X7 or X22), and these units also include RFID card readers and ethernet connection options, which are often important in a commercial setting.


We have an E2 with a Type2 plug, but a Type1 vehicle (type 1 cable wasnt available I was told). The adapter is about $180 including postage and of course can then be carried with the car to enable charging from either type of public charger