Vehicle recognition

Hi all - I’m brand new to all of this and have a noob question… :slight_smile:

I have a tethered E7 unit. When it’s connected to my vehicle, does it do any sort of handshaking that passes, or is capable of passing, vehicle identification information back to the unit?

I’m asking as I’m unsure if charging is essentially, for want of a better term, open slather?

If so, I understand the potential for this could be somewhat restricted through a charging schedule.

The other reason I’m asking is I have a few friends with EV’s and wouldn’t mind them charging while visiting. However, for mainly safety (I live across a bridge** with a low barrier) but also privacy reasons, not other people.

To this end I thought the ability to have/create a whitelist of vehicles at some point in the future might be handy.

** not under :rofl:

Hi Steve.

Unfortunately at this stage the connection to a car doing AC charging is incredibly basic and the only thing we can really do is tell the car how much current it is allowed to use. And it’s a one-way signal so the car can’t say anything back!

There is a new standard that some cars are beginning to support which will change all this, but it’s not very widely adopted yet - a very small number of cars are just starting to appear in New Zealand. We will eventually add support for it, but right now it’s not a very high priority for us since there are still plenty of capabilities we want to add which will benefit everyone!


Thanks for the feedback Tom.

I suspected as much as far as protocols were concerned. With there not being many cars supporting a standard for this it’s quite understandable it’s a low priority. Good to know it’s on your radar though :slight_smile: