Tariff not pulling through correctly?

Hi there,
Brand new user - only had my E2 installed today!
Loving it so far, but scratching my head on the tariff seeming to not pull through to the graph correctly.
See screen shots below, I have set up day/night tariffs of 30/15cents - yet in my charging graph the mean cost is showing at 30 cents/kWh?

Also curious about the time showing in the charging section. Is this time since I plugged in - rather than actual time charging? (I’ve got a 9pm start schedule set up, so I think this is what it’s showing me - 6:25pm plug in time plus 3:23 is 9:48 pm (but it’s 9:44 in my screenshot)?

Second screenshot (new users are limited to one image per post)

Hi Ben.

The electricity tariff is ‘captured’ at the point the car is plugged in and gets used for that whole session, so if you updated your pricing after the car was plugged in then that won’t take effect until the next session. However if you updated it before you plugged in then it should work, so please let me know if that’s the case and we can investigate.

Yes the time shown in the ‘widget’ is the total amount of time plugged in so far. If you want to know the time spent actually charging, then you can go to the “Session History” page and look it up there. Note that this shows the earliest and latest times that charging occurred - it’s possible that the car did not charge continuously for all of this time.

For example, you might start your main charge at 9pm and then finish a few hours later, but if your car then tops up in the morning while preconditioning for a drive it would show something like “Charged 2100 - 0645”. If you look at the “Power” tab you can see on the graph the detail of when it was charging.

Hope that makes sense!



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Hi Tom - thanks for the reply.
I wondered if the tariff may have been from when I plugged in, yes I did update the values after plugging in so that does make sense. Will check that it has updated next time I plug in.

Everything else also makes sense - thanks for the info!