FR: Solar diversion UI

I believe Solar Export Diversion support is coming to the app, but here’s my wish list:

  1. Enable/disable solar export diversion from the app.
  2. Solar Charging Only option (Charges from solar export diversion whenever available, never automatically charges from grid. Grid charging could still be started manually using the existing “charge now” button or by setting a charging schedule.
  3. Reports that show the total amount of solar used for charging on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. (Per session info is less useful, as solar charging can start and stop multiple times a day.)



*This can currently be achieved by setting a charge schedule that only charges for 1 minute a day, but it’s a gross hack.

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Hi @growlerbearnz,

Welcome to the Evnex community forum!

Thank you for the feedback and suggestions, the Software team is working on implementing these features, I will pass your feedback to them.

Yes I agree, setting the charging schedule to 1 min is not an ideal way to achieve this, it is a temporary way I would say.

Thanks again for the feedback, we appreciate it.

Kind regards,