Charge from grid only on on certain days

I’d love it if you could add the ability in the grid charge schedule to specify only certain days.

Currently I charge from the grid overnight when I get an 8c per KW/h rate from my electricity retailer.

But that means every morning the car is fully charged, so my excess solar energy is only soaked up if I happen to take trips during the day in the morning before peak solar output.

Ideally what I’d like is to have the grid only used to do a big top up at the end of the week for example. That way I could let the car gradually run down throughout the week, but soak up as much excess solar as possible, and then top it up to 100% again on Friday or something.

This would also be really helpful in accommodating people’s work from home schedules. For example if you know the car will be sitting in the driveway all day on Monday and Friday, you might choose not to do the grid top up over night on Sunday and Thursday nights, to allow for maximum use of the solar excess on those work from home days.

The best way to implement this would simply be a 7 button selector allowing you to set any combo of days of week to allow the grid charge schedule to execute.

Thanks for getting in touch Dan. We’ve got a few bits of work in the pipeline for the next three months, one of which I think will address this for you with more comprehensive scheduling capabilities. At the moment it’s probably third cab off the rank so I’m going to tentatively guess an August release.

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Thanks Tom! Look forward to it. Loving my Evnex charger and the ability to chat with the product team directly. :ok_hand:t2: