Feature request - comprehensive scheduling

I’m on a day/night and weekend electricity pricing plan. 10c/kWh 9pm to 7am weekdays and all weekend. 28c/kWh 7am to 9pm Mon thru Friday. With the Electricity Authority’s push for more cost reflective pricing, I think that pricing plans like that will become more common.

The charger only lets me set a start and finish time that applies every day. I’d like to schedule it so that it starts charging at 9pm on weekdays, but starts charging straight away on weekends. I know I can hit the “charge now” button, but that’s too hard.

As a follow up - it would be good if the electricity price that calculates the costs could also reflect the prices at different times.


Hi Alex.

Thanks for your suggestion. We are planning on adding more comprehensive charge scheduling options into the app, so it’s good to hear your specific use case so we can make sure that’s one of the capabilities we make possible.

There are a few other things we need to get done first, so it won’t be coming in the very near term - probably a couple of months out based on what I know today. Hopefully you can survive using the Charge Now button for the next few weekends!

Fully agreed with you on the push for cost-reflective pricing and the need for this to end up being passed through to customers via the retailers. We’re going to struggle to get EVs charging at the best time for the grid without something like that in place.


I would also like this feature. My power company has 1 free hour of power 9 -10pm and then off peak 11pm - 7am.
Pressing charge now at 11pm each night will be frustrating.
I guess I can achieve this in the meantime by setting my schedule to be 9pm - 7am and using the Load Management - and setting 10pm - 11pm to be 0A. I assume the Charge Now button never overrides this though so if I wanted to charge between 10pm - 11pm I would need to adjust the Load Management Profile?

Hi @Brad,

Welcome to the Evnex community! Apologies for the late response :slight_smile:

Thank you for putting forward a feature request.

You are correct you can use a combination of schedule + load management profile settings.

As you might already have figured out, pressing the Charge Now button does override the load management profile therefore you would not need to adjust the Load management profile.

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