BYD Scheduling workarounds

Hi Team,
Can you please summarise what workarounds currently work for Scheduling charging for BYD/ATTO3. Someone from the sales team passed on a blurb - “One workaround for this is to set the charging schedule on the car side only so it wakes itself to charge at the time you want and turn off the schedule on the charger”. However I tested this and it worked in one instance and not the other. The evnex app message was - “Car not requesting charge” (or similar).

Hi Tima.

We’ve found the Atto3 self-scheduling to be quite erratic in whether it works or not. However, we are currently beta testing an approach which works around this. We can enrol you into the program if you are interested, or else you can wait for it to be formally released (assuming the remainder of our beta program goes well).

If you’d like to be part of the beta program, please email us on and we can get things rolling!



Hi Tom - further to this string of posts on “Charging Scheduling” - I was wondering if there is the capacity to set more than 1 x schedule per day? I have recently moved to the OVO EV Plan and they offer FREE power between 11am-2pm and then offer $0.08 per kWh for charging between 12am-6am. Would be great to be able to set a ‘2nd’ schedule to take advantage of this through the Evnex app. Can you please confirm if this is in the pipeline? Thanks Ben

Hi Ben.

We do have a piece of work in the pipeline looking at more comprehensive scheduling and this is one of the scenarios we intend to cover.

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