Ability to automatically charge from the grid during free power periods

Hey everyone!
We’ve just changed electricity providers here in Brisbane and their tariffs are pretty cool. We have an EV charging tariff between 12am and 6am, but we also have a 3-hour period of free power between 11am and 2pm every day. I’ve set up the charging schedule to charge between 12am and 6am however I would love to be able to utilise the free power period during the day on top of the solar diversion. Is it possible to either: 1) Create a second charging schedule in the app or 2) Tell the charger to charge from the grid during the free power period?


Hi Phill.

Our next major piece of work is around extending some of the scheduling capabilities of the charger, and this is one of the capabilities that we want to be able to support. Out of interest, who is your new provider? We like to dive into the tariff offerings of as many retailers as possible to make sure we’re covering all the bases (this has crossover with the electricity pricing setup too).

In terms of timing, there is still quite a way to go so I don’t have any definitive date for you just yet, but I’d expect it to be in the next couple of months.

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Hi Tom, That’s great news! Looking forward to the rollout when it’s ready.

We’ve changed to Ovo and their EV plan. [(The EV Plan — OVO Energy)](https:// [The EV Plan — OVO Energy]) It’s proving to be quite a decent plan, We’re loving it.