Charge Now not starting charge on Kia Soul EV, "Waiting for charging request from vehicle" status message

After plugging the car in, the “Charge Now” button in the app only initiates charging once.

Has anyone else experienced this? Perhaps other Kia owners?

If I pause charging from the app (Controls->Cancel) charging pauses as expected and the app status message says “charging paused”
If I try to restart charging (Controls->Charge Now) the app status changes to “Waiting for charging request from vehicle” and charging does not start.

The only way to restart charging is to unplug the car and plug it back in, or to power cycle the Evnex EVSE.

This also means Solar Export Diversion doesn’t work: the first time a cloud goes overhead charging pauses and then won’t restart.

The car is a 2018 Kia Soul EV 30kWh. The car’s charge schedules are disabled (by using the physical “disable timer” switch, and by disabling the schedules in the car’s settings). I’m beginning to suspect it’s the onboard charger going to sleep and dropping the control pilot status back to “vehicle detected” rather than keeping it at “ready”. Which would suck, as I quite like my Kia Soul

Evnex charger is an E7-T2S-GC

2019 Niro EV. Fortunately I haven’t seen this or any other issues with the evnex charger.

Update: Looks like it’s a known issue with the 30kWh Kia Soul.

A UK company that makes chargers that can do solar export diversion managed to get it working with a firmware update so there’s hope yet.

Hey @Evnex, you know I love you, right? How about a firmware update for the only 30kWh Kia Soul in NZ?

Hi Grant,

As per our conversation we will conduct some live tests with you this week and see if we can find a solution for this situation.

We might be able to work with a load management profile in combination with charging schedule and set up in a way that it doesn’t let the car go into “sleep” mode.

I believe the other charger brand mentioned above achieve this by not letting the car go into pause state but instead they charge the car at the minimum charging rate available (6A) for vehicles that seem to have the sleeping mode issue.



An update for those watching this thread: Pedro and the Evnex team looked into this, we tried a few things, but in the end Solar charging and Timed charging just weren’t going to work with my 30kWh 2018 Kia Soul. The problem is in the Soul’s firmware, and Kia doesn’t have an update to fix it.

Evnex have accepted a return of the charger and given me a full refund, which is amazing. I like to support local business when I can so I’m a bit sad that it didn’t work out. Maybe when we replace the Soul we’ll try an Evnex charger again.

Thanks to Pedro and Evenex team for giving it a go!