CP-Link Monthly report - Date range

Initially, we anticipate that our apartment complex will bill owners for electricity consumed on a quarterly basis. We will use our strata manager to include this as a line item in the quarterly bill for apartment owners with an EV charger (the quarterly bill from the strata manager collects Owners Corporation fees in advance for the quarter but payment for the electricity consumed by EVs will obviously be collected in arrears). It would be useful if the Monthly report in CP-Link allowed us to filter by a month range (typically 3 months) rather than the single month and provided a total for the charger or token for the months listed - this would mean we could extract the required data in one report. If users only wanted a single month then they could set the from and to month to the same month.

Hi Chazza.

Thanks for sharing this use case for the monthly (or should I say not-monthly) report. I’ve added it to the list of things we’ll consider at our next roadmap session. For now I can say it won’t be possible to get done in 2023, but there’s a good chance it can be done next year.