Apartment site - Electricity Pricing

It appears electricity pricing can be set in the mobile app and CP-Link. I’m advised that the pricing resides in the same dataset for both platforms - a fleet operator would be able to override the electricity pricing and set the unit price to the agreed value in CP-Link and so a driver can then override the fleet operator from the mobile app. We understand that home users will want to set their own pricing and that fleet operators may allow their team to set individual pricing per charger. For our apartment complex, the electricity supplied to the (apartment owner owned) chargers is supplied by the Owners Corporation (OC) and the OC will then be reimbursed for the electricity consumed by the charger by the owner/tenant. We want the OC to set the electricity pricing via CP-Link for the entire location and prevent the user from overriding that via the mobile app. We understand there is a variety of use cases in this area.
So for apartment sites (like us) we would like the following functionality:

  1. The site sets the electricity price in CP-Link, and mobile app users for the site are prevented from modifying the price.
  2. CP-Link has all of the functionality (the 3 options - Anytime, Day/Night, and Peak/Off0peak/Night) for electricity pricing that can be found in the mobile app. Our site currently has peak and off-peak rates, and our electricity retailer is soon to offer low rates for home owners between midnight and 6am to encourage EV charging during that period (and we hope they extend that offer to large sites like ours).
  3. We set the pricing for all chargers at the location in CP-Link in one input rather than by individual charger.

Hi Chazza.

Thanks for explaining the use case so clearly. This isn’t a change we can squeeze into this year, but we’ll get it into the pipeline and hopefully onto a roadmap for 2024.