Apartment site - Billing

CP-Link currently stores all of the components required to calculate payment for electricity consumed by connected chargers. We understand Evnex may consider extending this functionality to actual billing (collecting payment for electricity consumed and passing the funds onto the site owner who supplied the electricity). Our apartment site provides electricity (via the Owners Corporation meter) to individual EV chargers (owned by the apartment owner) in our basement carpark. As some owners may plug in daily to charge, we see merit in a billing solution that avoids excess credit card charges. This may involve an account based solution linked to a RFID token or charger (which is then linked to an owner) and could be a solution where an owner deposits funds into their “account” and the cost of each charging session is then debited from their account.
During our assessment of several solutions offered by EV Charging providers in Australia, we noted that a few (possibly white-labelled) solutions offered billing with a variety of options (prepaid, post-paid and immediate credit-card). Most of the solutions were integrated - Reporting/Management/Load-Management/Billing. One provider proposed a completely separate billing provider but we dismissed that as it involved paying 2 subscriptions - one to the EV Solution provider (for back-end management etc.) and another to the Billing provider (for collection and reimbursement of revenue) -this effectively doubled the annual cost to apartment owners for their charger. We’re hopeful that Evnex takes interested parties on the journey and provides an opportunity to discuss functionality if/when it extends its offerings to a complete end-to-end billing solution.

Hi Chazza.

Thank you for sharing those insights. As and when we get to implementing a billing solution we will be very happy to discuss exact functionality and tease out the nuances of the different use cases.