RFID Security for individual EV chargers

Our apartment complex is just getting started with EV chargers. The Owners Corp (OC) has installed backbone infrastructure to allow any apartment owner to have a charger installed in their parking space/s. The chargers will use OC electricity and the owner will be billed for the electricity consumed. We believe the Evnex solution will track the electricity against a RFID card (although we haven’t yet seen this in practice - we’re yet to trial the RFID cards but hope to do so). We believe the Evnex solution will allow anyone with an Evnex RFID card to use any charger. But we want to secure the individual charger in a manner that only allows the apartment owner (who may have paid $3K+ to have a smart charger installed in their car space) to use their charger (or to at least allow the owner to decide who can use their charger). We understand the app would allow the owner to enable/disable the charger (before/after each charging session) but that seems clunky when compared with the simple elegance of having a charger secured, 1:1, with a RFID card. We understand that having “common” RFID security against a bank of chargers in a fleet arrangement makes sense, but not in an apartment complex where each charger is individually owned. Think of it as having individual key-locks on chargers. Can you advise if Evnex can/will put this level of security/functionality on their roadmap for X series chargers? Thanks.

To further expand this feature request: We have more than 70 apartments with 2 car spaces (typically side-by-side) in our basement carpark (the rest have 1 car space, accounting for our 101 apartments & 170+ car spaces). We anticipate, looking to the future, that an apartment owner is more likely to have 1 charger situated to serve their 2 car spaces. (We have a real-life case for this where an apartment has a Kona Electric and also a Tesla on order). So we believe it would be prudent for a charger to be secured with 1 or 2 RFID tokens.

Hi Chazza.

Thanks for your patience waiting for an answer here.

One thing I would say is that it is already possible to achieve the access functionality you require within our system, though it would involve creating individual ‘organisations’ for all the chargers, which would make the reporting more clunky. But it could be a useful stop-gap.

Beyond that, it’s not currently on our 2023 roadmap to support linking specific RFID tags to specific chargers, though the use case has been raised a few times and I think there’s a decent chance that it would be something we do next year. However, at the moment we have not yet done our planning for 2024 so I can’t commit for certain, sorry.