CP-Link Monthly Report - summary by Token

We understand that in an apartment setting, an Evnex RFID token could be used to operate any charger in the same location. We believe the electricity consumption is recorded against Token and Charger (although we are yet to see data against Token name/code). The Monthly report provides a summary of consumption against charger but Token does not appear to be an available column for inclusion in the Monthly report although we can Token ID and Token Name as available columns in the “All Sessions by Date” report. Please include Token ID and Token Name as available columns in the Monthly report. Perhaps the Monthly report would then sort and sub-total by whatever column the user positioned as the first column in the report (typically Charge Point Name or Token Name).

Hi Chazza.

We’ve got this request in our backlog and it is likely to be done early next year. As an aside I think we would be more likely to add a second report for “Monthly by Token” rather than automatically recalculate based on the first column as it would be a bit more ‘discoverable’ by other users.