E2 Charger Sounds

Hi. Great charger. Loving it. I came from a Chargeamps Halo which had failed so happy to have something local and so good.

The charger is located close to a bedroom and it chimes (assme when charging complete) which is waking the occupant in the room. Im wanting to mute all sounds. Is this possible



Hi John.

At the moment that’s not something that can be configured, however it’s a very compelling use case so we will look to add that option in the future. I’ll keep you posted.



Thanks Tom. That would be awesome if u could sort something in future

Has this been fixed yet? I’m looking to buy an evnex charger but it will be mounted near our bedroom and I definitely don’t want to be woken in the middle of the night with a chime. I’m actually surprised the charger has a chime … it never even crossed my mind that a charger would make charge completed noises. Seems unnecessary in a residential context.

There actually isn’t a sound when charging is complete - the E2 makes a sound when initially powered up, when the cable is plugged in, and if there is a fault (the latter repeats a few times in case you don’t notice it first time, but doesn’t continue forever).

It’s now on our medium term roadmap to enable muting of those sounds but I don’t have a firm date for releasing the change yet (though when it happens it will be compatible with all existing E2 chargers).



Thanks for clarifying Tom. Still sounds kinda annoying! App alerts would be best for that kind of thing. In my humble opinion nobody really likes noisy appliances… I never understood why manufacturers thought they’d be a good idea.

There are a reasonable number of fault conditions that can happen when you first plug in, so it’s quite useful to be alerted to that while you’re still standing next to the car and can do something about it. Agreed that it’s much less useful once you’re further away (and notifications will be available in the app soon to help with that!).