Flashing red light

I just plugged the charger into my EV and the charger LED started flashing red.
Unplugged charger and plugged back into car but didn’t fix the problem.
Can’t seem to find a fix and I don’t know how to reset the system. Can I get some help please?

Hi Matt.

It looks like you got some support via our phone line to resolve this, and just to let you know, our hardware team have fetched the logs to investigate further.

For anyone else reading this in future, there are various potential fault conditions that get checked when a car is plugged into the charger and which could result in a red light if there is any safety concern. The simplest way for us to resolve them is to call our support line (0800 395 007 in NZ, or 1800 959 377 in AU), as our team can remotely view the logs to see exactly which condition has been triggered and get it resolved remotely.