Red light comes on at the end of charging

Each night, after my scheduled charging, I awake to find that the Evnex charger has a red light on instead of flashing green. I have to reset the charger every morning to get back to the default state.
There are no error messages in OCPP. The car (polestar 2) stops the charge when it gets to 90%.

Any ideas why I am getting a red light?

Hi @smbunn,

In addition to my email reply earlier, now that I know you have a Polestar 2 it would be good to test the car to rule out any external problems before the firmware update.

A good start is to try to charge the car using the polestar provided cable from a conventional outlet socket and see if you would get the same problem after a charging session.

Then performing a CP firmware upgrade and checking if the fault goes away. Unfortunately because you a running the charger in your own OCCP server I can’t see the fault code on our logs.

Alternatively if it is possible it would be good to try to charge the polestar on an AC public charger to see if it would charge normally.

Let me know how it goes, we can communicate via email or here if you prefer.



No issues charging on public chargers, but then again I am talking about a red light on the Evnex so that doesn’t really change anything. Will try firmware update tonight. Am getting “other” as the Evnex stop reason, not as an error code

Firmware update fixed the “other” as stop session reason and red light after charging session.