Setting the maximum grid load

Hi. I live in Queensland. I looking to purchase an EV charger and I am attracted to NZ designed and built technology. I have a 10kW solar system and single phase grid connection. Unlike other states, Qld has an irritating connection rule: An EV charger can only be connected to an uncontrolled tarrif if it is limited to 20A. An EV charger which draws 32A must be connected to a circuit on a controlled tariff. If I go down that path I will not be able to use my solar to charge my car. My question is: Can the E2 EV charger be configured by the technician to set the maxium grid current to 20Amp. If the sun is sufficiently shining (which it does quite a bit in Queensland), then would it be able to charge to the 7.2KW / 32 Amp capacity? Further, if the Government subsequently decides to change this rule, would I need to get the technician back out to reprogram the device?

Hi Gerard.

Good question! At this point the only limit which can be set is the output limit, so it does not take into account the fact that really it is the grid limit which matters for your purposes. However, a solution for your Queensland scenario is definitely on our near term roadmap, because as you say it is not useful if you have to connect your solar charger to the controlled tariff.