Top delivery 'speed'

I’m no technical guru so I won’t get the language right.

We had a 22kw 3 phase Evnex unit installed in January. We’re happy with it and solar charge works well.

On the occassions where we’ve had to “charge now” I was expecting it to fill up at the speed of 22kw/h. However, it only goes in about half of that (just under 11kw/h, see image of today).

Is this a setting on the Evnex unit? I can’t see any limit that’s obvious on Evnex or car.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Hi Brendan.

I don’t think the charger would be limited in this way though I would need to know the serial number of your charger to look this up to confirm (it’s on a sticker on the right hand side).

There are therefore a couple of possibilities of what else might be happening:

I don’t know what vehicle you have, but the most likely limitation is that it has a maximum AC charging rate of 11kW (note this will be different from the maximum DC charging rate).

You may also have a cable that only allows up to 16A on each of the three phases, which would also limit you to only 11kW.


Hi Tom,

Serial number AV23020130 (I think, there were quite a few numbers)

Car is MG ZS EV (built SEP '22).

Cable is whatever one came with unit.

Hi Brendan.

The MG ZS has a maximum AC charging rate of 11kW so that will be why it doesn’t charge any faster.

The cable supplied will be a 32A cable so would charge a 22kW-capable car at that speed.

I’ve also checked your charger and there is no restriction on the current.



Understood. Thanks Tom.

I didn’t know about the AC vs DC charge rates prior to purchase of the 3 phase unit (vs single phase). At least I can take some comfort that it’s charging a little faster than a single phase 7kw unit.

Thanks for clarification.