Low charge rate?

I charged last night but only got 3.7kW vs my normal 7.1kW.

We had done some free power hours and already had the clothes dryer and dishwasher running - could this be the charger throttling due to load?

I would’ve expected it to ramp back up again once those appliances had finished though - it stayed flat at 3.7 until my schedule switched the charger off at 7am.

Just started charging again tonight and looks like I’m back to 7.1kW again.

Interested to hear your thought @TomRose, or if you can see anything in your logs.

Hi Ben.

I can’t see anything that changed from our end that would have caused either of these. Some possibilities that I can think of:

  • Was it the same vehicle being charged both times? If not then perhaps the first one is limited to 16A per phase and thus tops out at 3.7kW on a single phase charger?
  • Was the charging rate restricted at the vehicle end? I have had the odd case where my Tesla opts for a lower charging rate and I’ve been fairly sure I didn’t intentionally pick it.


Thanks Tom.

Same car both times (Skoda Enyaq).

I didn’t do anything at all from the car side on the first charge, I didn’t even look at the screen - literally just plugged in and walked away (which I love being able to do!)

Second charge I did check the car to see if there was something different - but all looked normal to me.

The only difference I can think of is that the first charge was started within my charge schedule (so after 9pm), so started instantly. Whereas the second charge was plugged in at 7:29, so it was paused until my schedule kicked in at 9pm.

Interesting. It would be worth seeing whether plug-in time could be affecting it (though given that it did start charging on schedule it seems quite strange that it would choose to only use half of what was offered to it!).

Perhaps try a few different plug-in times over the next couple of charges and let me know how it goes?

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Hi @TomRose,

This issue has been all good since my last post. Just checked the app before heading to bed tonight and noticed I was only charging at 3.7kW. As you can see the charger was charged in before the schedule started the charge:

I stopped the charge, unplugged and plugged back in and the charge started immediately. Initially showed 3kW again but after a couple of minutes I was about to check the car and noticed it was up over 7kW again.

Second post because I can only put one image per post:

Seems totally random with nothing else changing in the house or car?

Hi Ben.

Well I’m going to have to add to the confusion by saying I can’t see any change from the logs on our end either. Both sessions had exactly the same settings in the charger so should have been offering 32A each time. I really can’t see any reason from the charger perspective why you might have seen different results, sorry.

Kind regards,