Notification when car is charged

Is it possible the app could notify you when the car has finished charging, eg stopped taking charge. Be handy when charging one car off solar on a sunny day and know when its full to then plug in the next


Hi Tim.

Yes we will be looking to add notifications for this sort of thing in the future - and this is an interesting use case for it that we hadn’t previously identified. It’s not something we’re able to commit to in the short term (next 2-3 months), but I’m hopeful that it won’t be too long after that.


Also keen on this feature thanks. Our situation is more cars than there are charging points.

A +1 for this feature from me, also. It also applies to when the charging car is located outside, and we want to disconnect and bring the cable back indoors when it is charged. Leaving a removable cable outside unattended is asking to lose it.

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