Time used to do night time top up

I have to set the time in the app for starting charging during our Free Hour of Power at night 8 minutes later than the actual time the free hour starts. Is there a way to correct the time the charger/app uses?

Hi Graeme.

The charger is meant to automatically correct for the clock drifting out of alignment on a regular basis, so there isn’t a way for you to manually tell it the time. Having said that, it wasn’t working on your charger so we’ll investigate. In the mean time I have updated it to the correct time for you so it will be correct now (apologies, that likely means you need to update the schedule again to put it back where it was meant to be!)



Thanks Tom, I’ll check it out when I get the EV back from the panel beaters, it got backed into and needs some minor repairs.

Oh no! Sorry to hear that.