Feature Request - Stop charging after a preconfigured amount of energy is delivered

I usually need a 5 kWh top-up during weeknights for my daily commute. It would be nice to have a feature where you can configure how much energy you need during a charging session and stops after it reaches a certain kWh the charger has delivered.

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m interested in understanding a little more about this request. Is there a reason why it doesn’t work for you to charge until the car stops accepting energy? I’m guessing that perhaps you want to stop at a specific state of charge, but your car doesn’t offer any options other than charging to 100%?

Depending on your needs, it may work to achieve this using scheduling - if you set a schedule for 40 mins of charging then the charger will deliver about 5kWh (assuming you charge at 7kW - for different charge rates different durations would apply). I realise that this is a bit of a crude way of doing what you want, but it might achieve the same outcome for you!


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Hi Tom, Yeah, Nissan Leaf (ZE1) doesn’t have the option to charge to 80%. And yes, scheduling is a workaround, but with dynamic load balancing, the power delivery may vary during a charging session. So limiting the kWh delivered would be a nice feature.


That makes sense. Do you have dynamic load balancing running on your charger, or is this more thinking of planning for the future when you might have multiple chargers or some sort of load balancing through your lines company?